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October 13 — January 27 2019

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More Dirty DancingIt’s great to be alive, in the summer of ’65… unless you’re Chris “Babe” Gardiner that is. You see Chris (Babe to those who know him) has to spend the best weeks of the summer with his parents at some boring resort. To add to Babe’s lament, his mother has even signed him up for dance lessons. Babe’s fortunes start to turn however, when he meets his beautiful dance instructor.  Can the boy from a stuffy, upper crust family learn to let go and dance like no one is watching?
Celebrations Dinner Theatre presents More Dirty Dancing!

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25th Anniversary Jailhouse Rock

25th Anniversary Jailhouse Rock

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You are all invited to one of the hottest concerts staged and all you have to do to get in is … commit a crime! Welcome to the Moose Jaw Correctional Centre! You are hereby sentenced to an evening of laughter, good food, great music and you shall all be released right after you pay your tab! Back in 1967, John Storm was one of the finest guitar craftsmen around; they called him the "Guitar Doctor". When it came to fixing musical instruments he was amazing, but when it came to paying his taxes he was terrible! So, when word got out that the "Doc" was in jail for delinquent taxes, the Man in Black himself… Mr. Johnny Cash called his friend Elvis Presley and the two decided what better way to pay off “Doc’s” debt then by throwing a benefit concert right there in the Moose Jaw Jail? Please join us for Jail House Rock! Featuring the music of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and a few surprise guests, it’s the best time you will ever have being thrown in jail!

25th Anniversary Big Boom Theory

25th Anniversary Big Boom Theory

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Buddy Holly’s Happy Days

Buddy Holly’s Happy Days

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Footsloose New Town New Dance

Footsloose New Town New Dance

August 30 — November 10 2019

Remember the small town of Belmont that once had a bylaw prohibiting kids from dancing? Well, what are the chances of Lark and her Dad moving to another small town only to discover, that dancing is taboo but also most kinds of music? Let the dance rebellion rise again…