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Celebrations Dinner theatre has been a staple of the Winnipeg theatre scene for over 25 years. Our talented cast takes on the best in pop culture, crafting hilarious parodies of the biggest names in movies, music and TV for an altogether unforgettable show. Take in the excitement (and the stunning live vocals) while you enjoy a delicious four-course dinner being served by our character servers.

Break from your routine and immerse yourself in a truly Canadian experience – we guarantee a good time (and we know all your favourite songs).

It’s a live show so anything could happen. Play along and the actors might just include you in the act!

Our cast never breaks character and audiences always have a good time. Each show features classic hit songs – we dare you not to sing along.


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Excellent Entertainment For The Evening

"What an amazing time dinner served by characters from the play era. a wonderful musical show. stay at the hotel and you don't have to drive home after we have never been disappointed and we often go to this when in the city."

– Evelyn P., Tripadvisor
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Perfect date night!

"My wife and I really enjoyed this diner theatre. Everything about the evening was fantastic - the food, the characters, the conversations with the characters and the staff...perfect evening."

– Grant W., Tripadvisor
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Great Show

"I watched Micheal Jackson back to the future show. It was amazing. They played a good mixture of Micheal Jacksons music and some good oldies. The actor and servers did a great job. They really made the night enjoyable."

– Katey T., Tripadvisor
Complete Fun

"We had a blast at the dinner theater! We seen the Star Warz Rock Comedy and it was amazing. Everyone, including the waiters/waitresses are in character which makes for a great experience all around. Will definitely be going back!"

– NatashaDev, Tripadvisor
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We LOVE Celebrations

"We go there as often as we can. The shows are always good and the music fantastic. I have been going for years and our kids have just started going and we all have a wonderful time. The cast goes out of their way to make the kids feel special and involved."

– Heather C., Tripadvisor
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Excellent Shows

"Have been to many shows. Never disappointed in the performances or the meal. If you like musical theatre, Celebrations Dinner theatre is for you!"

– Gloria L., Tripadvisor
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Lots of Fun

"Meals are great and the entertainment is excellent. Go to the shows each time it changes. This place is a lot of fun as the performers/staff go out of their way to involve the audience. If you have never been before now is the time to give it a chance, you will not be disappointed."

– Brenda A., Tripadvisor
Amazing Dinner and Show

"Live music, great food. You are part of the show right from when you first walk in the door. A full evening of entertainment."

– Joe P., Tripadvisor


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